Welcome to DENJU Worm Products


Photo: Paul McCollum's Grand Daughter holding a "Satisfied" Fed Esita Fetida Red Worm"

DENJU (Dennis O'Hara) is the outdoor sales representative for Harvesting Solutions. Harvesting Solutions is in the business of expanding their exposure to the "Vermiculture" or worm farm business world. Established in San Benito County, Harvesting Solutions has access to a great wealth of valuable future customers to educate and sell its products.

"Natures Wonder" is a purely 100% organic, chemical free soil additive, which will become more and more exposed to the public through future advertising campaigns, and by national and world media circles. It is becoming more publicized every day by Universities and scientific communities, doing extensive research into the benefits worm castings have on our depleted land sources associated with the farming community.

At Harvesting Solutions we are dedicated not only to educating the general public on alternate organic waste stream(s), we are also constantly working on developing new methods of raising red worms for a better "quality-rating" of worm castings ("Natures Wonder"). Along with more efficient, labor-free methods, of "harvesting" the worm castings.