​​​​Earthworms For Sale

If you are looking for earthworms for sale, then you found the right site. We are a leading source of Red Wigglers and Nightcrawlers. You can put your faith in our experience and expertise when it comes to raising and selling earthworms. Get them at the right price and in excellent condition. Use these worms to aid your composting or to serve as bait for fishing. Below is a list of the benefits that you can enjoy by having earthworms in your garden, as well as some information on the worms that we provide:

The Benefits of Earthworms in Your Garden

1. Looser Soil for Better Air and Water Penetration

Gardeners loosen the soil whenever they plant seedlings but this can get compacted again by heavy rainwater over time. This makes it hard for the roots to grow and navigate underground. It also makes it harder for air and water to reach the roots once the soil dries and settles down. It would be a lot of work for people to keep digging up the soil as a remedy. Fortunately, they can rely on earthworms to do the work for them. These worms can burrow through the soil, creating irrigation tunnels along the way.

2. Nutrient-filled Castings and Juices as Soil Additive

Earthworms do not harm live plants. They will only feed on decaying matter such as fallen leaves, grass clippings, animal manure, and the like. In return, they will provide worm castings or excrement after meals. These are filled with high levels of nutrients that plants need in order to grow and become productive. These include nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Somehow their bodies are able to boost the amounts that they have ingested. This is why many use them for vermicomposting. Their digestive juices as also as useful. The liquid can be added to the soil for enrichment.

3. Protein-rich Bodies becomes Fertilizer after Death

Earthworms work hard for gardeners throughout their lifetime. They continue to be a tremendous help even after they die. Their bodies are rich in protein and nitrogen that can go back to the soil as conditioner. They tend to reproduce quickly so they can be replaced by their hatchlings, ensuring that there will always be a stable colony of worms in your garden.

The Best Types of Earthworms for Your Garden

1. Red Wigglers

This is the top choice for most because of their ability to adapt to most climates. They can tolerate a wider range of temperatures than any other species of composting worms. They are easy to farm and are available for a relatively low price per pound. These tend to be small and thin. They don’t burrow that deeply into the soil as they prefer to stay near the surface to feast on whatever is available. Red wigglers can eat about half of their bodyweight per day. This level of appetite produces lots of nutrient-dense worm castings for the garden.

2. Nightcrawlers

European nightcrawlers are another favorite among gardeners. They are great for composting as well but they do prefer to be in cooler temperatures so consider this when making your selection. These are much bigger than the red wigglers at almost double the size. This allows them to have the muscle to burrow a bit deeper into the soil. They come out when it’s dark or when their burrows have been flooded by the rain. Their larger size also makes them ideal for use in fishing where they serve as bait. If you do both gardening and fishing, then this is a compelling option as long as you don’t mind paying a little bit more.

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