​​​​What Do Nightcrawler Worms Eat

Gardens and lawns are not only home to vegetables, cut flowers, or give aesthetic value, they also can host millions of nightcrawlers, which have significant economic importance. They can be used as fishing bait or in composting. But what can you feed nightcrawlers in order to get a bounty harvest? A nightcrawler needs to be fed on virtually anything, from kitchen waste, paper-based garbage, or corn. All you need to know is the amount of food to give them since overfeeding can cause death.

What to Feed Your Nightcrawlers

Nightcrawlers eat a variety from decomposing matter to any finely ground and soggy matter for their survival and growth. If you are keeping nightcrawlers as pets or as food to be fed to other animals, it is advisable to feed them on a healthy matter to avoid poisoning or for them to live longer. The most common feed given to these worms is ground chicken mash. You can feed them on chick starter or layers mash, with the latter being the most recommended because of its rich nutritional value. You can also feed them on vegetable skins, shredded paper, molded bread. All of these feed should be made damp for them to easily ingest them.

Remember night crawlers live deep in the soils but come up to eat and take water. Therefore, it is important to place enough wet food on the surface of the soil. Ensure not to soak the food in water but instead, it should just be damp to avoid drowning of the nightcrawlers. According to the Langston University School of Agriculture, it is recommended to feed them on poultry or hog mash combined with shortening or lard. You can also add cornmeal to provide them with the required energy and for growth. You can mix 0.5 pounds of lard with 1 pound of cornmeal or cracker crumbs in order to maintain a healthy colony.


Ensure to regulate the amount you provide to avoid decomposing as this may poison and harm the worms. Therefore, give them just what is enough instead of piling food in their setting.

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