​​​​What do Red Wigglers Eat?

Red wiggler worms have simple needs. They will usually thrive as long as you give them a dark moist home and a continuously supply of food. You can purchase a worm farm kit or use a bin to make your own. As for the food, scraps and other organic matter will do just fine. There is no need to purchase anything as you can use items around your kitchen and garden.

Recommended Organic Wastes

These red worms will happily devour almost any type of food that you are set to discard, although there are items that you should probably avoid. Kitchen scraps are great as long as you cut these into smaller pieces.

Uncooked Vegetables — The parts that didn’t make it to the pan can go into the worm farm. These can include seeds, peels, and rotting areas. Fruit peels can go in as well with the best ones being apples, pears, grapes, pumpkins, and the like.

Egg Shells — After boiling eggs, you can gather the shells and crush them into smaller pieces to create worm treat. These contain calcium that should be good for their digestive and reproductive health while improving the worm farm’s pH level.

Starches — You can add in any type of starchy food waste in moderation. This could be leftover pasta from dinner parties, old moldy bread, and unwanted oatmeal.

Garden Wastes — You can even add in the fallen leaves from your garden after your regular morning cleaning. Small grass clippings as fine as well.

Beverage Wastes — If you love drinking tea, then save the bags afterwards and give these to the worms. Coffee filters and grounds will work, too.

Bedding — These wigglers will eventually consume their bedding that is usually composed of shredded and soaked newspapers. Other options include cardboard and peat moss.

Animal Manure

If you live on a farm, then you can use common animal manure to feed the worms. Make sure that these have dried up for a few days before adding them in. Horse, goat, and cow manure are good options.

Undesirable Organic Wastes

Acidic items will reduce the worm farm’s pH so it’s best to avoid them. Do not add citrus fruits, pineapples, and the like. You should also refrain from feeding them fatty and oily food. Meats, poultry products, and processed food are undesirable as well since these can attract pests and cause trouble.

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