​​​​Worm Farm Kits

Composting is a great way to recycle food scraps and other forms of waste. They can turn into organic fertilizer and soil conditioner after a while. If you can use worms in your compost, then you can have even better results. The worms will devour the scraps, break them down, and turn them into nutrient-rich body waste.

In short, the worm’s poop will become your garden’s greatest asset. It ensures that the plants get everything they need to grow healthy and productive. Worms also make composting faster and less smelly while regulating soil pH level. Make sure that you always have an adequate supply of these creatures with a worm farm kit.

What is a Worm Farm Kit?

While it is possible to create your own worm farm, most beginners and busy people might want to start by purchasing a complete kit instead. This will include a container with breathing holes and insulating materials to provide ideal conditions for their inhabitants. These have several layers. The top part is where the worms will stay and eat the scraps. This should have a cover to protect them from light. The kit may come with a bedding material that they can use for sleep.

The next layer can be considered as their bathroom. This is where they will send their body waste so just let this build up over time until you are ready to collect the potent vermicompost. Some will have a separate reservoir to gather excess moisture and prevent flooding. It may even have a tap for ease of draining. The liquid can also be used as fertilizer since it will contain much of the nutrients in the solid compost.

The kit may also come with your choice of worms. Red wrigglers and nightcrawlers are the most popular types used for this purpose. You can also buy your own worms from gardening supply shops. Note that these worm farming kits come in different designs so study each to see which one is the most suitable for your needs.

How to Set Up a Worm Farm Kit

Once you have your kit, set it up by placing the bedding material at the top level. If it didn’t come with any, then just cut up cardboard or newspaper. These will do just fine. Add a bit of compost and sprinkle some water to create the moist environment that worms love. Add the worms to their new home and a few more layer of bedding to cover them. Be gentle so they don’t get squished.

Feed the worms with small portions as they settle in. You can increase the amount of vegetable scraps after a while. Any large chunks should be cut into pieces beforehand. Avoid meat waste to prevent rats from attacking the worm farm. What you can include are tiny grass clippings, crushed egg shells, pet hair, coffee grounds, and tea bags. Keep their home moist at all times. The best way to do this is to cover the upper level with soaked newspaper periodically.

It will take about four or five months for worms to breed. Stay patient and help them thrive in their new environment. Your efforts will be rewarded with a steady supply of powerful compost for many years.

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